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SIEDRES is an independent Turkish fashion brand dedicated to playful graphics, prints, textures, and unique details, founded in 2019 by Ceylin Türkkan Bilge and Emir Bilge. The brand embodies a relaxed yet refined lifestyle, with a setting in an imaginary Mediterranean town. SIEDRES is dedicated to adorning people in their daily lives with easily customizable pieces that give off a casual vibe while introducing new editions of its signature style each new release for both women and men. The brand also takes pride in being produced responsibly and giving each piece the attention it deserves.

While SIEDRES' collections are inspired by the designer's authentic culture, they also have a global ethos that manifests itself in the duality of influences that live in harmony. The brand is committed to creating high-quality, long-lasting garments and providing a modern wardrobe with soul to people from all around the world.



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